Family Fun Activities Locations

It's so much fun to check out locations in the community for family fun activities. Besides spending family time at home, going to fun locations adds variety and learning opportunities for your children. Here are some types of fun family locations that our family has discovered.

Museums -- Ultimate Kids Fun Exploration

Museums offer many opportunities for family fun activities. Museums such as the Portland Children's Museum in Portland, Oregon are favorites with our grandson Logan. He asks over and over to go to this museum. It has many permanent  exhibits but one of our favorites is the Pet Hospital where kids can pretend to take x-rays of stuffed animals and give them shots.

They also have a permanent exhibit called Water Works where kids put on a plastic apron and go from station to station playing with and watching water flow and splash and swish through trays, waterfalls, conveyor belts, and obstacles.

They have another area called the Clay Studio with tables all set up for playing with clay. Another fun attraction is the Puppet Theater. See their website for current exhibits for kids to see and play with/on.

Portland Children's Museum --

Another Museum in Portland, Oregon is the Oregon Museum of Science -- OMSI -- This museum is fun for kids and adults of all ages. It has permanent and rotating exhibits, a planetarium, a submarine a theater, and much more! One of their current exhibits is the Earthquake House where you can experience what a real earthquake would feel like! Another exhibit is on Renewable Energy where you can experience creating energy with a wind turbine and look inside a solar panel. See their website for current exhibits and attractions.

Oregon Museum of Science -- OMSI --

Zoos -- Ultimate Kids Fun With Exotic Animals

Zoos are so much fun for kids of course because they see exotic animals they only otherwise see in books. Get ready to walk and be aware of the weather conditions. Our Oregon Zoo is spectacular with exhibits such as the Insect Zoo, Elephant Lands, Africa Rainforest, Africa Savana, and Polar Bears to name just a few. Our grandson loves all the animals and is so excited to see each one! His favorites might be the snakes. Many zoos such as the Oregon Zoo have special areas where children and adults alike can pet animals such as tortoises and pygmy goats.

Oregon Zoo

Other Locations for Family Fun Activities

These are some other examples of fun locations for kids and families we have in our area. We encourage you to find similar activities in your community.