Fun Crafts for Kids

A great way to spend time with your children is to explore all the fun crafts for kids! Crafts are a fun way to be creative and let your kids' imaginations run wild. It's an opportunity too for your children to explore the materials used and see where it takes them.

Some fun craft supplies are Play-Doh, chalk, crayons, wipe-off markers, paint, colored paper, plain white paper, coloring books, scissors, tape, glue, stickers, and rubber stamps. Depending on your child's age, you can decide what materials are safe for them to work with and will not be too frustrating for them. If listed, check the recommended age ranges on craft materials.

Melissa & Doug-Leading Designer of Education Toys

Consider if you have a high or low tolerance for messes. Some materials like glitters and paints can get messy if not closely supervised. If you have an area that can be easily cleaned up then this is not a problem.

If you and/or your child have a creative mind or just want to start making something as you and your child decide, that's great! Just start creating as your creativity leads you!

Another fun way to plan craft time is to check out ideas from other moms, teachers, and others online. Many free and fun holiday crafts for kids are available. Some great sites I've found for crafts are the following:

Holiday Crafts for Kids

Kids love to create holiday crafts. Holiday crafts for kids are such a fun way to spend time with kids and talk about the holiday at the same time.

In addition to holiday crafts, kids love crafts related to the season. Many happy memories are made creating holiday and seasonal crafts! Often the materials needed are inexpensive or you can improvise with items already around the house.

See the websites listed in the section above for specific holiday and craft ideas.

Fun Crafts for Kids Help them Learn and Develop

Not only do fun crafts for kids provide hours of enjoyment for the kids and their parents, grandparents, friends, and siblings alike, but they also provide lots of other benefits too.

Children learn to use their hands and create something themselves. If the children are very young, getting their fingers to actually cut a piece of paper or draw a heart is easier said than done. Children develop self esteem and a sense of accomplishment from doing crafts. They also learn perseverance and the ability to work with others to complete the craft. Kids learn that to do the craft they need certain materials and it can be a fun adventure in itself to see if you and your child can gather the materials needed to do the project.

Kids can also learn more about the value of taking responsibility and cleaning up after a craft project. They learn that there is a time for fun and a time for picking everything up. Much like picking up after playing with toys, there is a time after the crafting is completed to decide what to do with the craft creation "work of art" and what to do with left over materials. Some will need to be thrown away and some will need to be put away. Allow time for this valuable part of the crafting experience!