Fun Games for Kids

Kids love to play games! Some fun games for kids are board games, card games, online computer games, outdoors games, indoor games, even riding in the car games. If the game teaches them something, all the better. I've found that playing games teaches youngsters how to get along, take turns, play fair, and learn to win and lose.

There are plenty of games that teach about the alphabet, words and reading. Other games teach about numbers and math. Kids love to learn about colors, shapes, places, and new concepts.

Look for Popular Games that Kids Love

It's a good idea before buying games to check out the review of other parents and grandparents online and see if their kids are really drawn to the game. There are so many games to choose from that you want to choose the ones that will really keep them absorbed, happy and excited.

Make sure to check the suggested age range for the game and look at the general instructions to see it sounds fun. You need to enjoy playing the game too!

For example, if you are shopping for games on Amazon, look for the games that got many high ratings and very few low ratings. Read the reviews and find out what the adults liked about a certain game and how their children responded to playing the game. Often you can find out important details like that the game is easy to learn and that it keeps the kids actively involved. Many times the reviewers will mention the ages of their children and that will help you gauge how well your children will enjoy the game if they are the same age, younger, or older. Toys and Games With an Emphasis on Value, Quality and Design! Click here!

Look for a Variety of Fun Games for Kids to Capture Your Child's Imagination

It's fun for kids and adults alike to have a variety of games available. Make sure your collection of games are kept age appropriate as your child matures. Here are some favorites to get started:

  • Puzzles - in all sizes, small, medium, large, but not with too many pieces chosen on a subject your child loves -- like dinosaurs, fire engines, princesses
  • Card games - Go Fish, Math Games, Alphabet Games, Word Games
  • Board games - Candyland, Hungry Hippo, Checkers, Mouse Trap
  • Outdoor games -  Croquet, Horse Shoes (heavy plastic for younger kids), Wooden airplanes, Frisbee
  • Other games - Zingo (several varieties), Spot It (many varieties), Marbles, Pick up Sticks, Jenga, ViewMaster

This is just a taste of the games available! Old games from generations ago are still entertaining today's kids and new games are always being developed. There are so many fun games for kids!