Fun Kids Toys

As parents and grandparents we are always on the lookout for fun kids toys that will keep our children happy, engrossed, and learning. There are many wonderful toys that are reasonably priced and safe for our kids.

What a joy to intentionally pick and choose toys for our kids that are FUN, colorful, safe, and that teach something! We can easily find fun kids toys online and at local department stores. Sometimes we can also find quality hand-made items at art and craft fairs.

Some favorite toys that kids enjoy depending on age are train sets, Legos, blocks, dinosaur figures of every size, puzzles, musical instruments, and magnetic letters/numbers/shapes. Kids often love sports equipment such as balls, horseshoes, and Frisbees. Model airplanes, kites, puppets, dolls, and stuffed animals are always fun kids toys.

Toys offer hours of fun for children and it's always great to have classic toys as well as new ones around for the kids to enjoy.

Fun Kids Toys Provide Children with Hours of Play Time and Learning

As I've shopped for toys online and at local stores, I've found that some of my grandson's most beloved toys have the Melissa & Doug brand. They have toys for all ages and some of our grandson's favorites were the puzzles where you lifted out the animals, vehicles, and so on and you could hear the sounds they made! These were battery operated and hours of fun! Okay, I loved these puzzles too! - Toys and Childrens Products! Click Here!

Giant cube puzzles are kid favorites too. They are fast to put together and often have multiple puzzles to assemble because of the cube rotation combinations.

Our grandson Logan also loved the giant size floor puzzle of a fire truck four feet long! This mesmerized him and and was often his first request for what we should do together when he came over to our house.The puzzle pieces were very large and by following the picture on the box, we could put the puzzle together in a reasonable amount of time. It was so much fun to watch Logan get faster and faster at putting it together.

The three-foot dinosaur puzzle was also really fun for our grandson Logan to assemble. He loves dinosaurs and was so excited to anticipate seeing it assembled on the floor!

Kids Toy Safety is Top Priority 

You spend time carefully picking out toys that will appeal to your kids and grand kids. They will be spending hours playing with the toys you provide for them, so you want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the materials used to make the toys are safe. Safety is a big concern to be aware of and needs to be top priority.

Check Recommended Ages Listed on the Toy

Make sure to check the suggested age range on each toy before giving it to your baby or child to play with. For babies and smaller children, choking is a real danger so make sure to follow the recommended age information EXACTLY for them. If a child is very young and the toy has small parts, they will put the part in their mouth and choke on it -- so don't risk it!

If your child is older, the suggested age range information will be mainly to let you know if the child will be intellectually too old or too young to be interested in the toy. To be safe, review all age range suggestions and instructions about safety before giving the toy to your child.

Is the Toy Made With Safe Materials?

Look for toys made without lead paint and that adhere to all government laws for toy safety. Toys made with lead paint are seriously detrimental to children mentally and over time could cause serious health issues. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, toys could contain lead paint if they have been imported from other countries or if they were manufactured in the U.S. before the 1978 ban on lead paint in children's toys.

Further, you want to know that the toys you give your kids will not injure them in any way with sharp edges or any dangerous parts.

Look for fun kids toys that say they are made with paints that are lead free and are tested for safety. Some toy companies like Melissa & Doug's post  on their website pertinent safety information to give you peace of mind that they are adhering to all government regulations for toy safety. - Toys and Childrens Products! Click Here!

A few extra minutes spent reviewing toy safety information is critical to ensuring that the toys your kids play with are safe.


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