Find a Great Kids Book

 It can be a challenge to find a great kids book that is loved, looked at, and read over and over again. Sometimes I will open a book at the store and I myself am mesmerized by the story line or I am transfixed by the beautiful illustrations. Sometimes I find a kids book that opens and makes dinosaur noises, which I know my grandson would love and I realize that "this" is the book. However, it isn't always so easy to find a book that is just right. It is so rewarding when we can find the perfect books for our children. Here are some ideas I've found are helpful. I hope they will come in handy for you too.

Consider the Subjects Your Kids Love when You Choose a Kids Book

Think of what your child loves and look for books on that topic. Does your child love trains? Does she love unicorns? Does he love fire engines? Then it's a good bet that the right book for your child is about those subjects. Our grandson Logan loves snakes and dinosaurs (he is six years old) and so his favorite books right now are all about snakes and dinosaurs.

Choose both fiction and non fiction books on the topics your kids love. If kids have books about what they love they will read more and enjoy it. They will be eager to dig into the newest books on their favorite topics.

Consider the Age of Your Child when Choosing a Kids Book

Is your child a baby, toddler, a beginning reader, or an experienced reader? Make sure to choose age-appropriate books.

For a baby, cloth books are great since they will be putting them in their mouths. For toddlers who have chunky fingers that like to turn pages very fast, board books with very thick pages that will not tear are perfect.

If you child is just starting to read, choose books with easy three letter words and short sentences. Our grandson is six so at his age he loves lots of pictures and words that a first grader can read.

Use the age guide on the book if available. Also, if you are buying from a website, it can be easy to search by age range on the books to target just the right ones.

Check Kids Book Recommendations

Before choosing books, it is very helpful to check online reviews and best seller lists for children's books. For example, I may read that a reviewer say a certain kids book does a wonderful job of explaining certain topics or that a book has wonderful illustrations. Or, I may be alerted to certain problems with the books I'm considering buying. Amazon has a nice review system and I try to check to see what parents and grandparents are saying about the books I'm thinking about buying.

Importance of Reading in the Lives of Children

Reading to children and encouraging children to read is very important to a child's success in school. According to, "In addition to building a bond between parent and child, daily reading to preschool children may be the single most important thing parents can do to improve their children's chances for success in school."

Here are a few more benefits from of children reading and listening to you read to them:

  • Stimulating cognitive development
  • Gaining new vocabulary and syntax
  • Becoming familiar with story and text structures
  • Stimulating and expanding their imaginations
  • Stretching attention spans
  • Empathizing with other people's feelings and problems

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Kids Books We Love At Our House

There are so many great kids books we have found over the years that I wanted to share a few of our favorites.

General Kids Books

  • Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd. Age level 1-4 (and beyond!).

          I received this kids book as a gift from a friend when my grandson was just born, but once Logan became a toddler and then in kindergarten, he has requested that this is one of the books that we read before he goes to sleep.

  • Ten Little Ladybugs written by Melanie Gerth and illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith. Age level 2 and up.

     This is another book I received as a gift after my grandson was born. It is very cute and ever since Logan was a toddler he has enjoyed counting the ladybugs and listening as I read it. This was a book he really enjoyed when he was younger and just learning about colors, bugs, and numbers.

  • I am a Bunny by Ole Risom and Illustrated by Richard Scarry. Age level 2-5.

     The story is cute and the illustrations are really wonderful -- all the colors and the cute bunny.

  • Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs - Uh-oh! -- by R. Schuyler Hooke, Illustrated by Art Mawhinnery. Age level Preschool-Kindergarten. 

     Once turned five or so he really started to relate to the boy in the story who broke his mother's cup and how Harry dealt with the situation.

  • Don't Push the Button! written and illustrated by Bill Cotter. Age level 4-8.

     This is the kids book that I found at the store and loved it the first time I read it! My grandson reads this over and over and over again! He can't get enough of it. It is one of my most highly recommended kids books I've listed here!

Dinosaurs Books

  • The Dinosaur Museum by National Geographic and illustrated by Sebastian Quigley. Age level 6-9.

     This book is great because it has pop-up dinosaurs, describes information about all the dinosaurs, and has great illustrations.

  • National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books) Hardcover by Catherine D. Hughes and illustrated by Franco Tempesta. Age level 4-8 years.

      Great illustrations and makes it easy for kids to learn the names of dinosaurs.

Bible Stories for Children

  • The Complete Illustrated Children's Bible - Hardcover by Janice Emmerson. Age level 5-8 years.

     This Bible has beautiful illustrations and each of the Bible stories for children is short and easy to read and understand.

  • Family-Time Bible in Pictures - Hardcover by Kenneth N. Taylor

    This Bible has larger text and wonderful illustrations. The Bible stories for children are summarized nicely to capture the essence of each one.